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DJB Tutoring

Now Available for Online Tutoring and Lessons



Hello! My name is Daniel Bittman. For the past 5 years I have been teaching 7-12th grade social studies along with reading comprehension and writing composition. This experience has made me an avid believer of the idea that a true education can be the driving force behind a happy and fruitful life. It has also taught me that some students need ALTERNATIVE forms of education to reach their full potential. Ultimately, my passion for building young people's confidence and academic skills has led me to create this online tutoring service. Welcome to DJB Tutoring.

Mr. Bittman at Adams National Historic Park

                                                         5 Goals of DJB Tutoring

                                              1. Inspire students to be lifelong learners


                             2. Instill in students a drive for academic excellence


                                           3. Build a sense of confidence 


                              4. Foster an environment of intellectual exploration

                                5. Develop productive habits for school and life 

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