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Passionate About Empowering Students AND Parents

Hello and welcome to DJB Tutoring! My name is Daniel Bittman and I am incredibly excited to help guide your child in their pursuit of academic excellence!


One of the essential reasons why I've started this company is to increase the educational options and opportunities for YOU, the parent. In my view, family and education are interconnected concepts that need to be strengthened rather than torn apart. Additionally, parents deserve a wide variety of options for the education of their child, not just a single option dictated by the zip code in which they live. Whether you are homeschooling or looking for additional help outside the classroom, DJB Tutoring was started to provide that educational option for you and your child!


  • Masters in Education from LaSalle University

  • Certified to teach 7-12th grade social studies

  • Bachelors in History from Salisbury University


  • 2 + years experience of online teaching

  • 5 + years experience working with K-12 students

  • Expert in US history

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